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Thursday, 12 March 2009

On a quick one...

Ok a few things on my mind today...
1st things 1st! I have spent the last two days stressing my bones out on SF IV..little did i know that you could attain all the new characters by playing in easiest mode when all this time i thought it had to be medium or hard!! finally i have all characters including seth! altough getting Gouken was hard work tryna get a perfect and 3 ultra combos with Akuma seemed impossible but once again i found out that you can use a different character so i used my favourite..KEN MASTERS!! oooooooo yeh lol

now thats off my chest note (2)
Malibu,Malibu Malibu! However could i attempt to ditch you for vodka??? NEVER kay em tee i realised sunday that i cant depart from malibu lol and it is my fav drink also...why are people so slow?? if everytime you are at the bar and i order a malibu & coke why later ask me what im drinking??????? isnt it obvious?!?! MALIBU AND DA RASSCLART COKE!!! dick brain! lol woooooooooooooooooooooooIIIIIII

note 3 i cant seem to get my ass out my house some one help :( i got lazyitus...SERIOUS Ive had it for the past 3 days and it wont leave :( I sense a long meeting with my tutor and another report...

ALSO i think i should become a computer engineer bcoz... I hacked my friends Internet router to find out what her WEP key was as she forgot it......I obtained someones work off a usb dat was snapped in half & im now installing windows vista ULTIMATE on my PC for free....so what do you think?? lol maybe after this course i will enroll..