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Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Clearing Neglection!

Boy oh boy!!!!..have i been neglecting my blog damn im so sorry xx lol Well since i last blogged alot has happened!!
  • 1st and foremost i PASSED my driving test so im now legitmently allowed to drive on the road side :D
  • im going to be called auntie talisha soonish :D im very happy for my sistren and ima always be here for her (hope she knows this)
  • I passed my college course
So as you can see 2009 is definately my year!
I've also learned that if someone you love upsets you and does wrong you need to adapt and develop together to help get over the situation; just because they done something wrong doesnt mean you cant help them and help yourself to make your relationship grow. Ima always stand by the love of my life coz hes been here for two years and 1 month exact and not one other man has filled that position so ima make it work! DIGG THAT!

Time for what i love best! PS3!! Ok there is a new ps3 coming out the slim line one and im really contemplating if i want to cop one.... that would mean re-adding all my friends on my current ps3 attempting to get all my trophies again.......long??? LONG INDEED! I think im just going to stick with my big old ps3 :)

What Else??.........................BIRTHDAYS! Its Natalias birthday next week so everyone reading this best give her a birthday shout on the 6th! & then its my birthday on the 18th yaaaaaaaaaaa baby! lol
Im gone till next time..i promise i wont leave it toooooooo long! :)

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Since my last post........

Wha Gwarn...Sho Sho!! lol

Got Frisco's mixtape buzzin in my ears im officially a fan of him hes the best ever since i heard "i come through like what is it on" i was hooked to frisco's bars!

Otay who knows about justin.tv?? i was watching bow wow live on dere hes funny and so is dj jus! Believe there was dese guys from l b dub there giving out their emails and numbers i was fast to save their numbers lol

Half term is DEAAAAAD! all i have been doing is eating and playing playsation it is really sad dont worry i am fully ashamed next week im going to detox myself!

Going on holiday soon photos will be on the upload ASAP!!

Next subject who has seen SouljaBoys creps?? they look like this......>

Hopped up out the bed turn my swag orrrrrrn! yea i ordered these gucci creps i used the track&trace ting on postoffice website they are on their way im excited :D

I swear im the only female mad for this shit i been a fan since year 6 lol
if you dont know what metal gear solid is its the best game ever even if you dont like war games the story lines are fantastic they need to make a movie it will get you hooked!

Well yeah after the excitement of guns of the patriots there are teasers of a 5th metal gear story i cant wait =P

SNAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKE (den den den dennn den) lol

Im still waiting for NOTORIOUS to come out on DVD so i can copp that shit KMT
So apart from all of the above thats it darrrrrrg!



Tuesday, 21 April 2009

New Shit "Living Life"

Im going to blog about living life....I been following "Living the life" on youtube and i want to do the same thing bout my life. So watch out for that your going to be seeing clips of all the crazy shit i do over the next month..Im going to get my tattoo soon ill have footage of that aswell its all going down rite here so

Saturday, 4 April 2009

Updizzle For Shizzle

Ok Update...



I Want It :'(...have 2 wait till next week :'(


OK WHERE TO START?!?! I have waited for soooooo long praying that danielle would tell ronnie she is her flippin child only to witness danielle die and ronnie sob her heart out


Now there are groups on facebook "bring back danielle" & "i want to kill the script writers of eastenders" LMAO Wooooooooooiiiiiiii

Also hold tite me Lamborghini Styleee lol

Thursday, 12 March 2009

On a quick one...

Ok a few things on my mind today...
1st things 1st! I have spent the last two days stressing my bones out on SF IV..little did i know that you could attain all the new characters by playing in easiest mode when all this time i thought it had to be medium or hard!! finally i have all characters including seth! altough getting Gouken was hard work tryna get a perfect and 3 ultra combos with Akuma seemed impossible but once again i found out that you can use a different character so i used my favourite..KEN MASTERS!! oooooooo yeh lol

now thats off my chest note (2)
Malibu,Malibu Malibu! However could i attempt to ditch you for vodka??? NEVER kay em tee i realised sunday that i cant depart from malibu lol and it is my fav drink also...why are people so slow?? if everytime you are at the bar and i order a malibu & coke why later ask me what im drinking??????? isnt it obvious?!?! MALIBU AND DA RASSCLART COKE!!! dick brain! lol woooooooooooooooooooooooIIIIIII

note 3 i cant seem to get my ass out my house some one help :( i got lazyitus...SERIOUS Ive had it for the past 3 days and it wont leave :( I sense a long meeting with my tutor and another report...

ALSO i think i should become a computer engineer bcoz... I hacked my friends Internet router to find out what her WEP key was as she forgot it......I obtained someones work off a usb dat was snapped in half & im now installing windows vista ULTIMATE on my PC for free....so what do you think?? lol maybe after this course i will enroll..

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Random Pic

It's 01:25am and I'm about to go bed but first i just want to share this cool pic i created =) (maybe i should have studied computer graphics/design @ college instead??)

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Just Another Tuesday

Ok this is just a quick blog about my journey to college n back today..

I Returned my Fifa 09 to GAME for my full refund of £29.99 it felt good to receive it but i felt bad for the game...??? Don't ask lol
So Ya I'm £30 richer today Also....

As my National Express train approached Stratford station i was looking at the 2012 Olympic stadium progress....it seems to be moving quite fast
I'm quite excited for the new station & especially the East side Westfield shopping centre they're building =)

Monday, 23 February 2009

Notorious B.I.G


I finally went to see Notorious 2day...gotta say the film was good but not as i expected it to be. It like a 8mile/Life & Lyrics combination.... The black guy is from da slums,he meets a nice girl,fucks it up with the girl,gets back with her,makes it big and then dies....

The only difference is its a true story...about BIG; i think its also biased because as the audience we dont know what pacs view on the situation was....

Anyway i gots to go BED as ive got college in the morning =( Hard Times...I do advise ppl to see Notorious but dont think its some super film that will blow your socks off coz its not. Also..if your going to a VUE cinema n u get Fanta Freeze GET DA BLUE FLAVOUR as the red 1 is YUK :(


Saturday, 21 February 2009

Blog Virgin


I saw Natalia's blog so now i want to create my own =]

First things first its the 22nd of feb happy bday 2 my lil sister Tia (big sis ♥'s ya)

Street Fighter IV is out and i copped that Sh*t =P graphics in HD will blow your socks off! TOTALLY.. GAME gave me a lil chun-li toy thing..>>

If your feeling brave challenge me :) If you win it was luck ¬_¬

My PS3 ID is lilwaltrz

Right now, at this second im comtemplating if buying Fifa 09 was a mistake and if i wasted my DOSH...football games can be fun for a certain period of time before you die of bordem right? or should i exchange it for something else?? Yes?..What??

My Game stack is looking "fly boy" right now isnt it lol (considering a few months ago i only had GTA IV)

I also copped a Dual Shock Controller....waste of my £40 really the vibration makes no difference to me but oh well

Thats All Folks x.x