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Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Clearing Neglection!

Boy oh boy!!!!..have i been neglecting my blog damn im so sorry xx lol Well since i last blogged alot has happened!!
  • 1st and foremost i PASSED my driving test so im now legitmently allowed to drive on the road side :D
  • im going to be called auntie talisha soonish :D im very happy for my sistren and ima always be here for her (hope she knows this)
  • I passed my college course
So as you can see 2009 is definately my year!
I've also learned that if someone you love upsets you and does wrong you need to adapt and develop together to help get over the situation; just because they done something wrong doesnt mean you cant help them and help yourself to make your relationship grow. Ima always stand by the love of my life coz hes been here for two years and 1 month exact and not one other man has filled that position so ima make it work! DIGG THAT!

Time for what i love best! PS3!! Ok there is a new ps3 coming out the slim line one and im really contemplating if i want to cop one.... that would mean re-adding all my friends on my current ps3 attempting to get all my trophies again.......long??? LONG INDEED! I think im just going to stick with my big old ps3 :)

What Else??.........................BIRTHDAYS! Its Natalias birthday next week so everyone reading this best give her a birthday shout on the 6th! & then its my birthday on the 18th yaaaaaaaaaaa baby! lol
Im gone till next time..i promise i wont leave it toooooooo long! :)