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Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Random Pic

It's 01:25am and I'm about to go bed but first i just want to share this cool pic i created =) (maybe i should have studied computer graphics/design @ college instead??)

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Just Another Tuesday

Ok this is just a quick blog about my journey to college n back today..

I Returned my Fifa 09 to GAME for my full refund of £29.99 it felt good to receive it but i felt bad for the game...??? Don't ask lol
So Ya I'm £30 richer today Also....

As my National Express train approached Stratford station i was looking at the 2012 Olympic stadium progress....it seems to be moving quite fast
I'm quite excited for the new station & especially the East side Westfield shopping centre they're building =)

Monday, 23 February 2009

Notorious B.I.G


I finally went to see Notorious 2day...gotta say the film was good but not as i expected it to be. It like a 8mile/Life & Lyrics combination.... The black guy is from da slums,he meets a nice girl,fucks it up with the girl,gets back with her,makes it big and then dies....

The only difference is its a true story...about BIG; i think its also biased because as the audience we dont know what pacs view on the situation was....

Anyway i gots to go BED as ive got college in the morning =( Hard Times...I do advise ppl to see Notorious but dont think its some super film that will blow your socks off coz its not. Also..if your going to a VUE cinema n u get Fanta Freeze GET DA BLUE FLAVOUR as the red 1 is YUK :(


Saturday, 21 February 2009

Blog Virgin


I saw Natalia's blog so now i want to create my own =]

First things first its the 22nd of feb happy bday 2 my lil sister Tia (big sis ♥'s ya)

Street Fighter IV is out and i copped that Sh*t =P graphics in HD will blow your socks off! TOTALLY.. GAME gave me a lil chun-li toy thing..>>

If your feeling brave challenge me :) If you win it was luck ¬_¬

My PS3 ID is lilwaltrz

Right now, at this second im comtemplating if buying Fifa 09 was a mistake and if i wasted my DOSH...football games can be fun for a certain period of time before you die of bordem right? or should i exchange it for something else?? Yes?..What??

My Game stack is looking "fly boy" right now isnt it lol (considering a few months ago i only had GTA IV)

I also copped a Dual Shock Controller....waste of my £40 really the vibration makes no difference to me but oh well

Thats All Folks x.x