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Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Its Been A Long Time I Shuldnt of Left You....


Bloggers,Peeps, People Dem, Readers,Followers EVERYONE!

Boy oh boy have i used and abused you! lol Well im B-A-C-K baby and i got so much shizzle to chat about first and foremost i would like to say i got a blackberry PIN me 21101535

Yeaaaaaaaah ERM the thing everyone seems to be talking about right now...eastenders...STACEY! wat da rass lol i laugh at the people that had their lil conspiracy theories about sean,ryan,BEN (asif a lil 10 yr old would kill his uncle??), peggy, sam, ronnie etc etc hahahaha bet you never had your bets on lil old stace and the thing that makes me laugh is that it was so obvious lol. Welllllllll i aint to interested in the show to be honest i just wanted to know who killed archie and go bout my business haha!

Well i need some new friends for a starter seeing as people like natz dont wana be signing on for nearly a year!!! omg there needs to be PS3ABUSE HOTLINE LOL my ps3 id is :lilwaltrz so plz add me if ur reading this and own and use a playstation 3. C.O.D blah blah blah what a crap game! i keep telling these oblivious fools that COD is actually really really crap first person shooting u cant see sh*t apart from a gun on the screen and lil twats running around. The actual story line is DEADOUT boring ass same old kill the terrorist and rescuse hostiage scenerio blaaaaaaaaah PLZ play metal gear solid online and tell me SOMETHING!! i have converted my brother from his COD obsession to MGO and his recent facebook status was "Metal gear online is the best, its better than COD, Ive just realised how sh*t COD is"..........I REST MY CASE

Rolling down the highway..........>>>>>>>>

Ok to wrap it all up im gona post all the things that have my 2010 AWESOME!!!

Heeeeeerrrreeeee We Go!

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