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Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Just Another Tuesday

Ok this is just a quick blog about my journey to college n back today..

I Returned my Fifa 09 to GAME for my full refund of £29.99 it felt good to receive it but i felt bad for the game...??? Don't ask lol
So Ya I'm £30 richer today Also....

As my National Express train approached Stratford station i was looking at the 2012 Olympic stadium progress....it seems to be moving quite fast
I'm quite excited for the new station & especially the East side Westfield shopping centre they're building =)


  1. You flippin cow.
    Took fifa back. We aint even played yet.
    I'm tempted to temporarily terminate this friendship...
    Deeply saddened,
    Your friend always,
    Nat x

  2. Dont worry when give it a few months i look for it in the pre-owned section n buy it when its cheaper lol