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Saturday, 21 February 2009

Blog Virgin


I saw Natalia's blog so now i want to create my own =]

First things first its the 22nd of feb happy bday 2 my lil sister Tia (big sis ♥'s ya)

Street Fighter IV is out and i copped that Sh*t =P graphics in HD will blow your socks off! TOTALLY.. GAME gave me a lil chun-li toy thing..>>

If your feeling brave challenge me :) If you win it was luck ¬_¬

My PS3 ID is lilwaltrz

Right now, at this second im comtemplating if buying Fifa 09 was a mistake and if i wasted my DOSH...football games can be fun for a certain period of time before you die of bordem right? or should i exchange it for something else?? Yes?..What??

My Game stack is looking "fly boy" right now isnt it lol (considering a few months ago i only had GTA IV)

I also copped a Dual Shock Controller....waste of my £40 really the vibration makes no difference to me but oh well

Thats All Folks x.x

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