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Monday, 23 February 2009

Notorious B.I.G


I finally went to see Notorious 2day...gotta say the film was good but not as i expected it to be. It like a 8mile/Life & Lyrics combination.... The black guy is from da slums,he meets a nice girl,fucks it up with the girl,gets back with her,makes it big and then dies....

The only difference is its a true story...about BIG; i think its also biased because as the audience we dont know what pacs view on the situation was....

Anyway i gots to go BED as ive got college in the morning =( Hard Times...I do advise ppl to see Notorious but dont think its some super film that will blow your socks off coz its not. Also..if your going to a VUE cinema n u get Fanta Freeze GET DA BLUE FLAVOUR as the red 1 is YUK :(


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